ZFS v13 in 7-STABLE

ZFS was MFC-ed into 7-STABLE by Kip Macy a short time ago!

The differences / additions to the initial import into 8-CURRENT were:

MFC ZFS version 13. This includes the changes by pjd (see original message
below) as well as the following:

- the recurring deadlock was fixed by deferring vinactive to a dedicated thread

- zfs boot for all pool types now works
Submitted by: dfr

- kmem now goes up to 512GB so arc is now limited by physmem

- the arc now experiences backpressure from the vm (which can be too
much - but this allows ZFS to work without any tunables on amd64)

- frequently recurring LOR in the ARC fixed

- zfs send coredump fix

- fixes for various PRs

The initial import into FreeBSD 8-CURRENT of ZFS version 13 is here.

#1 Re: ZFS v13 in 7-STABLE

Added on 2009-05-21T10:27 by Mr*Gibson

Impressive. I really didn't think that v13 was going to get MFCed.

/me takes of his hat.

#2 Re: ZFS v13 in 7-STABLE

Added on 2009-05-21T10:59 by Ivan Voras

Yes, for a time it looked like it wasn't going to be.

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