ZFS !experimental

By the judgement of developers, ZFS is no longer considered experimental in FreeBSD :)

Thanks to everyone involved, especially Pawel :)

ZFS has originally been imported just before 7.0 was released and it had lots of work done on it since then to make it stable enough for general use. It looks as it's finally payed off and there are no more known issues that would make it not recommended for general usage.

This "nonexperimental" version of ZFS will be shipped with FreeBSD 8.0, expected in the following weeks and it will very probably also be included with 7.3, due to be released sometime around New Year (I'm guessing).

#1 Re: ZFS !experimental

Added on 2009-09-15T15:43 by Mr*Gibson

Nice work idd!

Though I honestly thought that they would keep the  experimental-label abit longer.

What I miss is some "official" information regarding what kind of tuning is nessecary in 8.0, or if it's really auto tuned.

I have tried to keep up on the approriate mailling lists, but I keep getting mixed messages in this regard. Let's hope that this will be clear in time for the realease. Or maybe I just completeley missed something :)

#2 Re: ZFS !experimental

Added on 2009-09-16T03:03 by egg zellent

Great!! ... now let's get started on importing HAMMER ;-)

#3 Re: ZFS !experimental

Added on 2009-09-16T17:57 by mike

lets see if survives a decent sized rsync

#4 Re: ZFS !experimental

Added on 2009-09-16T19:56 by Ivan Voras

Tell us if it suceeds or fails :)

#5 Re: ZFS !experimental

Added on 2009-10-05T22:44 by mike

Well i eventually got pissed off with the weekly reboots with 7.2 and zfs on our servers used for backups.

Have updated to 8.0-RC1 - so far all is good with 10 rsyncs running at the same time, each data set somewhere between 200g and 500g - on 7.2 the machine would have crashed as soon as 2 or 3 rsyncs hit huge maildirs now things are stable - also huge difference in kernel memory usage from 400mb+ with 7.2 and now it seems to max out around the 150mb mark.

Only just doing initial stress tests but am happy so far, lets see if it survives a few weeks without a reboot or the odd problem of trying to cd to the snapshot directory on to realise its time for a reboot.

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