Google Chromium on FreeBSD

I started looking if there is a way to port the Chromium browser (aka the open-source core of the Google Chrome browser) to FreeBSD but it looks like someone has already done it :) Download Chromium for FreeBSD here!

The build is created for FreeBSD 7.2 but of course works without problems on FreeBSD 8.0 and probably all higher versions. The consistency FreeBSD maintains in ABI compatibility is really marvelous.

The browser build itself looks ok for now (I'm writing this in it) but there are few rough edges and bugs I've come across - sometimes the pages don't render but it looks like the mouse & the status bar respond to "invisible" links on the never-seen page, and sometimes the cursor in HTML textareas gets lost. I'm using the AMD64 build on 8-STABLE.

One of the nicer things in Chrome is the support for various colorful designs ("skins") for the GUI :) Of course, there are others such as super-speedy operation etc. A big downside is that it doesn't support Ogg Theora video playback.

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Added on 2009-11-25T17:37 by DutchDaemon

See the idea and the port progress here ;)

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