Firefox 3.6

OMG! It's been like 15 minutes since Slashdot announced Firefox 3.6 is released and there is still no FreeBSD port for it! What. Are. The. Porters. Doing?!!

(I kid, I kid - I saw tantalizing commits coming in :) )

update: it's in the ports now!

I want my Personas (aka Google Chrome Skins Rippofs, but also nice looking rippofs) now!

#1 Re: Firefox 3.6

Added on 2010-02-12T09:40 by copypaiste

They've broken smth. inside the late 3.5.7 update and now I can't use Brocade's java-based web interfaces. Sigh... Now I'm scared to go for FF3.6, it might break something else >.<

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